For those looking forward to the 16th edition of Universo Paralello,
it’s time to purchase your ticket!

Student Admission – R$980.00 (2nd batch)
Solidarity Admission – R$980.00 (2nd batch)
Full Admission – R$1960.00 (2nd batch)

But please pay attention to all the details of the 2nd batch:

Tickets are digital and limited, we will have 3 thousand units available in the 2nd batch.
You can purchase your ticket through the Bilheteria Digital website, in up to 12 installments on your credit card.

Remember that your digital ticket can only be transferred once, through the digital ticketing app.
To validate the Solidarity Ticket, just donate 1kg of non-perishable food at the event entrance.
Check the link to Bilheteria Digital available on our website.
Watch out for scams! Always check information on our official channels to see if you are buying on the authorized website.