What is the event?
“Universo Paralello Festival” is an event that has been considered by various mediums as one of South America's largest multiple-days art, music and alternative culture festivals, always around New Year’s Eve.

Where does it happen ?
Pratigi Beach, a hidden oasis, lost among the popular southern and southern beaches of Bahia, is home to the Universo Paralello. Ituberá is the main support city of the festival where visitors will find banks and ATMS (Brazil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica, 24h Network), hospital (Hospital de Ituberá), pharmacies, hotels, gas stations, supermarkets, post office, restaurants, among other services.

What is the duration and structure of the event?
• 9 days camping
• 8 days of music
• 7 stages
• Shows and performances
• Artistic and cultural activities
• Children's play area
• Holistic Therapies
• Security
• Lifeguard 24hs
• Medical Post 24hs
• Info Stand
• Community Kitchen
• Showers (with treated water)
• Toilets (serviced 24 hours a day)
• Restaurants *
• Snack bars*
• Bars *
• Mix Fair *
• Internet *
• Pharmacy*
• storage box *
• Secure parking *
• Online Travel Agency *
• Shuttle trucks from the Pratigi roundabout to the festival gates at scheduled times (optional)
• Carriage of luggage with flat-rate wheelbarrow *

Attention! Items marked with an asterisk are outsourced will be billed separately from
the ticket.

When does it happen and what is the schedule?
This year the festival will take place from December 27, 2019 to January 3, 2020, at
Pratigí Beach, Ituberá (BA).

27/12 at 10:00 Ordinance

01/03 at 20:00 Clues
01/04 at 08:00 Camping
* Schedule subject to change!

How do I get to the Festival?
On this site we have information about shuttle buses and transfers from Salvador airport. Contact our partners and find out which way is best for you!

What opening and closing times of the gates?
The festival ordinance will open at 10am on December 27, 2019 (Friday) and the festival will close its last sector (campground) at 8am on January 4, 2020 (Saturday).

What attractions are confirmed?
A complete list of confirmed attractions will be available on the official event website www.universoparalello.org.

When will the show / show schedule be announced?
Information available only at the “Fanzine” which will be distributed free of charge at the festival entrance.

What is the event rating?
Given that the Paralello Festival Universe is an entertainment complex with areas for audiences of all ages, with various types of attractions, its indicative rating is free.
The entry of minors under 18 years old will only be allowed if proven to be accompanied by the legal guardians, who must remain at the event venue while the minor is present. It is necessary to fill out the responsibility commitment form to the minor. This determination, as well as the age rating, is subject to change under the terms of the license to be issued by the Judge of the Child, Youth and Elderly Court. The minor will receive a different model bracelet, which will not allow the consumption of alcohol in the bars and restaurants of the festival.
It is expressly forbidden to sell, offer, supply, serve, minister, deliver and allow, even free of charge, the consumption of alcoholic beverages to persons under eighteen (18) years of age. The offender will be liable for a crime punishable by a 2 to 4 year detention sentence and a fine (Articles 81 and 243, Law 8.069 / 90, with the wording of Law 13.106 / 2015).
All festival-goers, including under-18s, must carry a photo ID, which may be requested by agents of the organization at any time for proof of age and legal guardian.

Do children of any age pay admission?
Children under 12 years old do not pay admission. Above this age pay normally.

When does ticket sales start for the general public?
Beginning of November 15, 2018.
All ticket outlets will be available on the official event website http://www.universoparalello.org./

What sectors are available?
Unique sector of free movement and access to all shows and attractions.

What types of tickets and prices?
Admission Half Entry – Valid upon proof of documentation required by law.

SOLIDÁRIO Ticket * – Valid with the donation of 1kg of non-perishable food, at the Festival entrance.

Full Ticket
Concierge Ticket – Subject to availability.

Attention!!! Purchase your ticket only at authorized points of sale posted on the

Who is entitled to half price?
People over 60 – Federal Law 10,741 / 03
Elementary, high school and college students from public or private schools – Federal Law 12.933 / 13 (art. 1), Decree 8.537 / 15 (art. 3) and Federal Law 9.394 / 96 (Title V).
Young people from low-income families (ages 15-29) – Federal Law 12,933 / 13 and Federal Decree 8,537 / 15. The payer must prove eligibility within such conditions.
The conditions for the half-ticket requires that all documents are present at the time of the beneficiary's access to the festival site, under penalty of cancellation of the
acquisition. In this case, the beneficiary may supplement the full payment of the ticket.

What documents are accepted to prove the half-entry?
For each type of half-price entry, the beneficiary's information must be provided at the time of purchase and the receipt must be provided on the day of the festival.

Check out the valid documents below:
Elementary, high school or college students from public or private schools: Only the Student Identification Card (CIE), issued by ANPG, UNE, UBES, state and municipal
entities, Central Student Directories, Centers and Academic Directories, according to the single model. nationally standardized. See model at the link https://www.documentodoestudante.com.br/. The indispensable elements of the CIE are:
– Full name and date of birth of student;
– Recent student photo;
– Name of the educational institution to which the student is enrolled;
– Degree of education; and
– Expiry date until 31 March of the year following that of dispatch.

Under no circumstances will bank slip, registration certificates, proof of tuition or virtual wallets be accepted.

People over 60: Official photo ID.

Young people from low-income families, defined as “low-income youth”;, that is, those between 15 and 29 years old whose family earns up to two minimum wages monthly and is enrolled in the Federal Government’s Single Registry for Social Programs, which grants benefits like Bolsa Family: Youth Identity Card to be issued by the National Secretariat of Youth from March 31, 2016, accompanied by official photo ID.

I don’t have my voucher, what to do?
The festival organization is not responsible for the loss or non-presentation of the
document proving the right of half-entrance at the festival entrance.
In addition, it is mandatory to present the supporting document for the benefit of the
half-price admission to the festival. Such documents may be requested at any time by
the organization and the authorities present at the site.

What are the payment methods available for the ticket purchase?
Check the nearest place to make your purchase and find out how to pay.

Can I purchase online?
Yes, more information through the link https://www.bilheteriadigital.com/universo-

I have a problem or question regarding my online ticket purchase, how should I proceed?
Contact us at https://www.bilheteriadigital.com/atenda

Can I buy tickets for just a few days?
No. The festival ticket is valid for the 8 days of the event, with the right to camping and all artistic and cultural activities.

If I buy outside of accredited outlets, does Paralello Universe take responsibility for tickets?
The organization of the event is not responsible for tickets purchased outside the
official sales outlets.

Where can I circulate on festival days?
The bracelet provided at the concierge allows access to any area of ​​the festival except
in administrative areas. The use of the same in unauthorized or irregular areas will
imply the immediate seizure and expulsion of the Festival.

If I leave the event area can I return?
Yes, as long as you keep the bracelet placed in the event accreditation in perfect
condition, with no signs of violation. The material of this bracelet is made of sturdy
fabric made to last the entire festival.

What can I not bring to the festival?
You may not carry food intended for commercial use (for your own consumption only)
or presenting a safety hazard such as glass bottles. The public is not allowed entry with
animals, firearms or other objects that may be considered dangerous, being subject to
inspections, body searches and removal of unauthorized objects at the entrance of the
event. Entry will not be accepted by anyone who demonstrates violent, aggressive or
anti-public behavior or refuses to dispose of unauthorized or unauthorized objects.

Is alcohol, soft-drinks and water allowed to carry in?
Only water for their own consumption (up to 15 liters per container) is allowed in plastic and transparent containers which will be inspected by the concierge.
Alcohol is not allowed, only 1 (one) bottle of sparkling whine/champagne per person for New Year’s Eve.

What is the average value of food within the festival?
There will be wide range of options in the food court. From snacks to more sophisticated dishes, with prices ranging from R $ 5.00 (breads, savory and other snacks) to approximately R $ 30.00 (risottos, pasta, seafood and sef-service per kilo among others). ((prices vary from restaurant to restaurant))

Can I make my own food?
You can make your own food, but not in your camping because it is forbidden to make fire for your own safety. For this we have a communal kitchen, but you need to bring the necessary accessories (pots, cutlery, plates, food, etc.).

Pets allowed?
Only duty identified guide dogs are allowed to assist the visually impaired.

Can I bring camcorders or recorders to shows and shows?
Yes, you will be able to photograph and film the shows and performances, being for personal and non-commercial use, but audio or video recordings and broadcasts of all or part of the festival are strictly prohibited (excluding shows and performances for personal use), by any means, as well as the use of professional cameras (interchangeable lens) or professional film equipment, without prior express authorization and documented by the festival organization by issuing the “permit” issued by the festival board.

Is it allowed to enter and use unmanned equipment known as drones?
Entry and use of unmanned aerial vehicles known as “drones” is prohibited without prior express authorization and documented by the festival organization by issuing the “permit” issued by the festival board. The “permission form” must be requested by November 20, 2019 and the controllers must be over 18 years old and have medical aeronautical certificate, insurance, license, disclaimer and qualification. As for model aircraft, used for recreational purposes, they must be registered in the ANAC system. Fulfilling all the prerequisites placed by the organization the release of the “permission form” for entry and its use within the festival will still be required to follow the Brazilian Special Civil Aviation Regulation No. 94/2017 (RBAC-E No. 94 / 2017) and the rules for drone operation established by the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) and the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL).

Which mobile operators have a good signal in the region?
Live, Sure, Hi and Tim. Signal quality varies by location.

Can my images and audios be used by the event organizers?
The ticket holder expressly agrees that his / her image and audio can be captured and recorded during the event, and therefore gives the event promoters, free of charge and definitively, all the image and audio rights he / she owns. for all purposes.

Will there be luggage storage on site?
The event will feature lockers, service that will be charged separately from the ticket and paid at the time of service. Value not yet provided by the organization. We recommend to participants that seek to store your most valuable belongings in the luggage storage, especially when they are absent from the tents.

Can the date of the events be changed?
The organizers reserve the right to change, at any time, without prior notice or any
other condition, the pre-established schedule, as well as the dates of the events to be
disclosed, due to force majeure or fortuitous event.

Will there be on-site parking?
Yes. However, parking is outsourced and will be charged separately. For more information, see the link http://pratigipark.com.br/

What is the price of the parking?
For more information, see the link http://pratigipark.com.br/

Will there be parking or motorhome camping within the festival? What are the conditions and prices?
There will be an area reserved for motorhomes, however parking is outsourced and will be charged separately from the ticket. For more information, see the link http://pratigipark.com.br/

Will there be public transportation from the parking lot and disembarkation of excursions into the festival?
An outsourced shuttle service will be available, and will be charged separately from the ticket, taking the audience to the festival concierge. For more information, see the link http://pratigipark.com.br/

How much will this transportation cost?
For more information, see the link http://pratigipark.com.br/

Will there be special access for people with special needs (PNE)?
Yes, there will be special toilets and reserved parking space.

Will there be a map of the festival, with the location of slopes, campsites, etc.?
Yes, in the “Fanzine” distributed at the festival entrance, we will have the map detailing the event’s layout, with location of showers, toilets, shops, dance floors, etc.

Will we have tents available for rent within the festival?
Yes, Vila Mundo Camping offers a festival rental of tents in a reserved area, with exclusive services for guests staying in this area. All the information you can find on the site: http://www.universoparalellocamping.com

Will debit and credit cards be accepted at the Festival?
Yes, we will accept Visa and Master, debit and credit cards.
But we advise you to take a some money with you, as the service depends on signal in an inhospitable region and may fail under the influence of weather conditions.

Still have questions about the event, who do I contact?
For more information about the event please visit www.universoparalello.org or [email protected]

Is there any phonenumber where I can get my questions answered?
No. Inquiries should be sent by email from our website and will be clarified as soon as possible.

How do I get more information about the shows?
Visit http://www.universoparalello.org/ or

Updated terms of conditions for Universo Paralello.
The ticket holder is responsible for consulting the updated version of the Terms and Conditions on the event website (http://www.universoparalello.org), and it is not possible to disregard any changes that may be made by the organizers. Purchase or possession of the ticket implies acceptance of the terms and conditions. Any declaration of nullity or ineffectiveness or non-application by the competent court of any of the provisions contained in this Term does not invalidate the impact of the other rules.