Environmental Management

The Universo Parallelo festival is held in the region of Pratigi Beach, Ituberá, one of the most beautiful areas of the state of Bahia, within the Atlantic Forest area preserved natural beauties.

Always aiming at the welfare and the quality of life, the production of the festival always seeks solutions and socio-environmental actions that educate and serve as an example for society.

Since 2011, the festival has been working with the company ‘Greenhub’, responsible for the Environmental Management of the festival and performs several actions, aiming to mitigate and compensate for the environmental impacts generated, both positive and negative.

Even before the beginning of the festival, an ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’ is carried out each year to make it possible to predict with more precision all the relevant aspects related to degradation, but also to sustainable and fundamental ways of prevention and guidance for the community and the public attending the festival.

Greenhub’s consultants assist the production team in making decisions for sustainable environmental management on the following issues:

  • Infrastructure;
  • Logistics;
  • Selection of sustainable materials;
  • Elaboration of socio-environmental actions and activities for the local population, production team and general public;
  • Alternatives to reduce solid waste generation;
  • Elaboration of awareness actions for the recovery of recyclable waste and reduction of waste;
  • Communication and devices to enable the sorting of waste.


A few years ago the Paralello Universe has an intensive solid waste management system, which is collected and separated daily and stored according to its classification in the ‘Triage Center’ throughout the event and also in pre-production.

With a cleaning team working 24 hours a day in different strategic sectors throughout the festival, the Paralello Universe collects all the waste generated before, during and after the end of the event.

All waste is removed so the public finds a clean environment. In addition to the team, trash cans for recyclable, non-recyclable waste and cigarette butts ash tray are also distributed throughout the festival to assist the work of the Environmental Management team.

From 2011 to now the Parallel Universe has already recycled more than 52 tons of waste throughout all these editions.

Another important point for the festival is the reuse of materials, and therefore, following the organization’s guidance, decorators  and set designers who are stimulated in their creative process to seek the recycling of all scenography (bamboo, straw, fabric, etc.) used on years before.

For the construction of the structures of the festival, alternative materials with minimal impact to the environment are used, such as bamboo sticks and boards of coconut, renewable raw material and abundant in the region that replace conventional wood.

Not a single tree species is felled to obtain timber for the construction of the event, except for the dead coconut trees or in bad phytosanitary status (unproductive).


The water used in the showers has a residual filtration system, where it passes through layers of elements such as charcoal, sand, coconut shell straw, among others, which retains the harmful elements contained in the soap and shampoo. However, we advise the public to avoid carrying any polluting product in a way that minimizes impacts to the environment.

In addition, we advise to avoid the use of personal hygiene products in the seas and rivers, in the interior and surroundings of the event, in order to maintain the water quality.

In relation to toilets, the Paralello Universe has dry ones for public attendance and production of the event: the system allows an adequate management of the waste, which at the end of each edition pass through aerobic composting, generating organic fertilizer.

A series of actions aimed at Environmental Awareness are also promoted before, during and after the event.

Between them:
• Training course for the local workers’ teams;
• Talks and training with the shopkeepers of the festival for the correct separation of organic waste and cooking oil inside the restaurants;
• Dissemination through visual communication elements of tips and guidelines related to the theme ‘Environment’;
• Workshops offered to the public, focused on the practice of recycling and other aspects of sustainability, coordinated by the Circulou team.


The strong incentive of the festival to the road excursions is an important factor in the reduction of gas emissions.

In the relationship with its suppliers, the festival whenever possible seeks to establish partnerships governed by criteria that, in some way, favor practices that are admittedly low impact.

We observe from packaging, institutional image, reputation regarding issues related to the environment and even if the company promotes some initiative or sustainable campaign.

As a result of all these initiatives, we highlight the reduction of waste destined for landfills; preservation and improvement in the quality of the environment; dissemination of sustainability values ​​to the general public; generation of income through the processing of recyclable waste collected; among others. In this way, the Paralello Universe guarantees an ecologically correct event, being produced with social and environmental responsibility.