In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Festival Universo Paralello, Circulou is
delighted to present the (Preservation Area of Cultures).

Circulou is guided by its role of spreading the contemporary and avant-garde Brazilian and international culture, presenting to the public of the festival diverse artistic expressions, providing interactive and transformative experiences, contributing to the formation of a better people. We warmly welcome all to live their own experience and exercise their freedom of expression. We are preparing our place to receive some of the artistic and cultural diversities of the Costa Do Dendê region as well as the entire state of Bahia, along with Brazilian and foreign icons that represent cultural roots. Everyone is invited to take make a historical trip to the Brazilian Circus. The Circus that motivate us, enchant us and in completely present in this beautiful 20-year history.

For this 15th edition of the festival of art and culture of Universo Paralello, Circulou contemplates the following areas:

Point Dendê
Before you even entering the festival, you will find some of Dendê Coast art history and culture of the people living on the, as well as tasting and buying products produced in the area.

Area where the memorable attractions of Circulou will perform; Homage to the Brazilian circus; festivals of traditional culture, deeksha, crepúsculo, Cabaret Cirsence, theater and dance;

Circulinho Praia
Area created for children's activities. Mornings at Circulinho will be geared toward holiday leisure on the beach. children must be accompanied by the parents or legal guardian during the entire Festival period.

Galeria Vertical
Exhibition of visionary and psychedelic arts. Art workshop.

Mestre Cuca
The communal kitchen of Circulou goes on with its stoves lit 24h, where circulating ones can prepare their own meal. Daily meal preparation workshops made with healthy foods; Lectures on food; Laboratory of culinary innovations. Regional Chefs and renowned chefs and professionals who work in the world of gastronomy will be part of the group of master chefs.

A small dance hall in the village Circulou, a place dedicated to the body and its own  manifestations.

Lua Mantra
An area for Reflections; Relaxation; Meditation; Holistic Therapies; Cure; Energetic empowerment through music therapy, mantras and songs.

Area that opens at twilight and closes at dawn. Expression art exhibitions, artistic and cultural diversity events, freak show. Entry prohibited under 21 years

A place for creations: study; Observation; live painting; sound and image; Interaction between artists and the public, through meetings and an informal chat. Photographic exhibition that tells a bit about the history of the 20 years of Universo Paralello Festival.

Terreiro Musical
An area dedicated to music and its instruments, sounds, ritual and celebrations Meetings of masters of Bahia’s traditional music; Workshops and conversations about music and its achievements.

Zona Espetacular
The Circulou troupe invades all areas of the festival with their performances; installations; interventions; Multimedia, Audio-visual.

Tela Paralella
A venue to show videos and movies.

Círculo Solidário
Our social responsibility has always revolved around artistic and cultural exchange with the region. A network of local collaborators and activists along with Circulou artists carries out social and humanitarian actions on Costa do Dendê. Do you want to be part of this beautiful story that the Festival Universo Paralello has been telling the world for 20 years? so send your idea, everyone is welcome. Download our application form here.