Vidas Paralellas
Parallel Lives
also matter
Celebrating is an art:
it has to be with
unconditional love and joy.

Due to the “uncertainties” that still hang in our country, we decided to wait for the right time to dance together and be able to hug without fear.

It is inevitable that we postpone the 16th edition of the Festival to continue cultivating the good vibes and professionalism we have built for 22 years.

We emphasize: the most important thing in our decision is to ensure everyone’s health. Beauty, freedom and care for the participants have always been essential principles of Universo Paralello.

The turn of the year 2022/2023, where we will hold the 16th edition, will be the most beautiful exaltation of the sacred, in the sound that comes from the stars, in the body that dances, in the unity with nature and in the loving interaction of the tribes.

For each of us, it is time to be a master of ourselves and, consequently, to become a better human being based on the pillars of patience, respect, understanding, tolerance and resilience.

We know you are vibrating together with us, for life!

Our immeasurable gratitude goes out to everyone who believes in our work. We will soon have more information about the next batches.

Let’s stay positive and united. Soon we will dance together in the Universo Paralello! 🙏🏻❤️🌴